Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC assists with immigration issues and permit applications  
At a time when the movement and relocation of persons is becoming increasingly frequent, our firm would like to highlight that we have a dedicated Immigration Department which possesses experience in all areas of Immigration Law and may advise on any relevant matter. Our immigration services include, inter alia, assisting clients (both EU and non-EU nationals) with their applications for: i) temporary work and residence permits and; ii) permanent immigration permits for the Republic of Cyprus, with or without a right of employment. The Russian-speaking members of our team are always available to assist our Russian-speaking clients, should any language issues arise during the application process.
Our firm offers a one-stop shop whereby the members of our Immigration Department (a) advise clients’ on the most appropriate type of permit in each case, (b) provide guidance during the collection of the required documents for such permit application, (c) arrange for the submission of such application to the relevant governmental authority/-ies (personally accompanying, where required and/or if requested, the clients’ to the offices of the authorities) and (d) follow step by step the progress of the application, from the moment of its submission up until its approval and the issuance of the relevant documentation.