ATS Announcement in relation to the COVID-19 Outbreak  
In light of the recent confirmations that the COVID-19 virus has reached Cyprus, our firm would like to inform our clients that the Cypriot government has decided to reduce the operations both of the private businesses and of the governmental authorities of Cyprus in an effort to minimise the effect and spread of the coronavirus. Such governmental authorities include the Courts (both District and Supreme) and the Ministries (as well as any departments that fall under these Ministries, inter alia, the Registrar of Companies, the Tax Department, the Migration Department and the Department of Labour).
While we will try our best to contain and monitor the impact that the above decision will have on our business operations, it is highly likely that the closing of the governmental authorities will result in delays and/or the temporary halt of services, such as the issuance of certificates by the Registrar of Companies, the drafting of court decisions by the court clerks, the apostillation of documents etc.
As ATS, we would like to reassure our clients that our firm is taking all necessary steps to maintain the continuation of business as smoothly as possible and tackle any emergency issues, while at the same time limiting the possibility of exposure of our staff to the virus. Our aim is to provide a safe working environment for all our staff members, as well as to carry on offering the best possible quality legal services to our clients on a continuous basis. Our robust and reliable business continuity plan enables us to leverage resources from other locations, where necessary, in an effort to minimize the impact to client service.
We note that you can still reach us on our switchboard number at +357 22 360 000 and rest assured that we will do our best to minimise any disruptions that may arise. Our staff members remain available and ready to assist with any query you may have.